We are your top source of organic food products cultivated and grown following USDA guidelines and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. We are located in the historically agricultural community of Canby, Oregon. While we primarily focus on asparagus, we also grow other vegetables and crops that find their way to your tables.

We Value Your Health

All our products are 100% organically grown, local and sustainable. Rest easy knowing anything you put into every dish is totally free from all the harmful stuff.


SE 1st Ave, Canby, OR 97013, United States
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We do the work. you do the eating.

Organic farming has been a family tradition. We only use biological soil preparation methods, organic nutrients, and natural pest control to grow our crops. Trust us to do all the planting, weeding, and harvesting. All you have to do is enjoy the eating!

100% chemical & pesticide-free!

At Organic Asparagus Farm, we use traditional soil gardening practices, natural recirculating systems, and organic pest control methods to ensure the quality and safety of our produce. All our vegetables, fruits and food crops are certified 100% organic and free from chemical pesticide residues.

Agricultural practices used in the current times are posing a serious threat to human health due to the unscrupulous use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Conventional farming methods using these fertilizers and pesticides are no longer safe as they leave chemical pesticide residue on vegetables, fruits and other food crops which directly enter the food chain.

Organic cultivation of vegetables is gaining momentum among the growing population. Organic practices rely on the use of crop residues for soil preparation. It also advocates the use of biological and organic control of pests and diseases. Organic farming aims to combine tradition, innovation and science in a balanced proportion to utilize the environment in a safer manner to protect human health and preserve our natural resources. Sustainable production of organic vegetables needs to be ensured to provide consistent and ongoing supplies to our customers in the restaurant industry as well as the average household.

Why Buy Organic?

The main reasons why we grow our food crops organically is the growing concern over the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in conventional farming systems. We all know that pests like bugs, worms, ants and even rodents are attracted to food crops, and conventional farmers simply turn to spraying chemical pesticides to address this problem.

But not in our farm. We are aware that these pesticides and chemical fertilizers leave toxic residues that are potentially hazardous to humans, animals and the environment and can cause health issues in the long term. We have also seen the growing demand for pesticide-free food produce among customers and we are happy to provide them with 100% organically grown vegetables and food crops straight from our farm to their tables!


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